Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Request new construction electrical installation in Yelm, WA

Designing a custom home gives you the freedom to make a lot of choices about the structure. Hardwired Electric LLC gives you choices about the electrical system, too. When discussing your electrical installation, you get to decide where you want outlets and switches.

As your house is being built, we'll set up all the electrical work and make sure everything is functioning properly. We can also install electrical systems in commercial buildings that are mid-construction.

Call us today to start planning your electrical installation in Yelm, WA.

Consult a home electrician during the remodeling process

Looking to add or expand a room? A home electrician from Hardwired Electric can make sure all your lights and wires go where they're supposed to. We'll collaborate with your contractor to make sure you're still supplying power to appliances and outlets.

When you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you reach out to us. We'll make sure all your wiring is intact so you don't have to worry about electrical problems.

Contact us now to speak with a home electrician in Yelm, WA.